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RCEL’s guide: Becoming an electricity prosumer

The gradual phase-out of fossil fuels is necessary in the context of the climate crisis and the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.

Solar power is increasingly harnessed to generate energy: in 2022, 12% of all energy production in the EU came from the sun. Solar energy production records were broken in 18 of the 27 EU countries. In the last four years, Poland has increased its production by as many as 26 times.

Serbia is harmonizing its energy legislation with EU standards and making it easier to invest in renewables by deploying a range of initiatives aimed at energy producers who use renewable sources. This effort includes allowing electricity consumers to become “prosumers”, or “self-consumer”, as discussed below in greater detail.

This guide is intended to make the process easier to understand for prospective investors and anyone interested in learning more. It begins with a definition of prosumer, then describes the process for becoming a prosumer, and, lastly, presents practical challenges and best practices.