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Western Balkans countries have a high level of biodiversity which is unique in Europe. However, this biodiversity is constantly under threat due to unsustainable and unplanned infrastructure, forestry, water management, energy, mining, and agriculture projects.


Biodiversity collectively describes the millions of unique living organisms inhabiting Earth and representing a vital portion of our collective lives.


Biodiversity represents the diversity of all living beings on planet Earth, i.e. the entirety of: genes – genetic diversity, species – species diversity and ecosystems – ecosystem diversity.


Although clean water is a fundamental resource for human health, agriculture, energy production, transportation and nature, water as a resource is most affected by climate change.

Water pollution is the contamination of water systems occurring when polluters directly or indirectly discharge waste into the waters without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.

Contrary to some beliefs that we have opulent water sources, one of the priority challenges in the Western Balkans is precisely rational water resource utilisation so we do not lose them.