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Vision and Values

The Regional Center for Environmental Law (RCEL) is an organisation composed of prominent environmental and energy law experts and lawyers who have taken on one of the most onerous tasks of today — to show how environmental advances and economic development can be achieved together, through practical application of sustainability principles.

Law is our primary tool to make this vision and all of its associated goals a reality. We use legal force to effect changes that will guarantee sustainable development for the industry and a healthy environment for the citizens.


RCEL is an association of experts supporting public administration, the civil sector, the industry, and the citizens in all challenges they may face in environmental and energy law. The association is composed of the most prominent environmental and energy lawyers in Western Balkans countries, renowned for their results, perseverance, and dedication.


RCEL works with all Western Balkans political options and stakeholders, all the while retaining its autonomy in setting and implementing the organisation’s goals.


RCEL promotes financial transparency and the organisation’s operational transparency on its website. All activities regarding projects involving the association and all incoming and outgoing financial transactions will be available on the RCEL website at any time for the benefit of all interested parties, donors, partners and the association’s friends.


RCEL backs its ideas to the implementation stage with its thorough research work.


Through dedication and the care of a good host, RCEL strives to act with a view to protect its partners, beneficiaries and the association’s friends.

Public Interest

Throughout its work RCEL stems from and is guided by the public interest of all Western Balkans countries’ citizens.