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RCEL National Convention on the European Union 27th Working Group Member

RCEL became a member of the 27th working group (WG) within the National Convention on the European Union.

The National Convention on the European Union is a standing body hosting a thematically structured debate between representatives of the public administration, political parties, nongovernmental organisations, experts, the industry, unions, and trade organisations regarding Serbia’s accession to the European Union.

Working groups (WG) follow the thematic structure of the Negotiations working groups for EU accession negotiations. CSO Groups and CSO Coalitions lead and coordinate the work of the special working groups according to their expertise, capacities, existing references and already established networks. Each civil society organisation or coalition provides conditions for the members to participate through individual or joint projects.

The working group defines the particular topics for each session, proposes experts, visiting lecturers and interlocutors in agreement with and the active participation of the members and the appropriate Negotiations Group, European Integrations Office, Negotiating Team and other relevant institutions.

Working groups consist of between 25 and 30 experts, representatives of nongovernmental organisations, industry, unions, institutes, trade organisations, local self-governments, media, and other interested groups that are relevant and interested in particular topics.